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Emily Pick and Go

Emily Pick and go Bale Fork Carrier

The bale fork carrier fits into telescopic handlers, front loaders and rear linkage of tractors. It is designed to hitch onto Pick and Go attachments without the need to leave the cab.

The Pick and Go Bale unroller unrolls round bales (wrapped bales, alfalfa, hay)

3 Models, Right, Left. Right and left.

Emily advantages

Convenience, sturdiness, user friendly, maintenance free, hydraulically driven.

 Standard Equipment - Right or left unroller, Conveyor chain driven by a hydraulic motor, Removable side bar (for right and left distribution)

The Pick and Go Bale Unroller Spreads (up to 8m) and unrolls (round bales wrapped bales, alfalfa, hay)

4 Models available.

  • Left from spreading and right unrolling
  • Left front spreading and left and right unrolling
  • Right front spreading and left unrolling
  • Right front spreading and left and right unrolling

Emily advantages

Patented unrolling at the opposite side of the spreader, optimization of the machine functions

Percision, a cubile kit composed of a deflector and adjustable visor (optional) 

Srandard Equipment - Bale unroller Spreader, left or right, Roller belt, LArge diameter spreader with free wheel system, Bale support roller with straw guard flap.



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