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HE-VA Tip Roller

HE-VA have one of the largest Rolls ranges on the market and the 3-Section Tip Roller makes up approximately 75% of all HE-VA Rolls sold in the UK.

Sizes range from 4.5m to 10.2m, each size comes in 2 differentvariations, HD (Heavy Duty) and a XHD (Extra Heavy Duty), theHD has 510mm rings and the XHD 620mm rings.

A full range of Shattaboards are available to fit all Tip Rollers,turning each set of rolls into a cost effective cultivator.

From shed to field the driver doesn’t need to leave the tractor cab as the Rolls can be put to work in seconds simply and safely straight from the tractor seat. Just pull into the field, unfold using the tractor hydraulics and you are ready to go.

Folding is just as simple, each 3-Section machine folds up to 2.5m (2.7m for 9.5 and 10.2m machines), each wing section locks into a transport cradle once in the fully folded position increasing road transport safety and giving peace of mind that they stay where they should at all times.

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