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HE-VA V profile 700mm

The V-Profi le Front Roller incorporates the pressed steel V-Profi le ring developed for the Disc Roller. This gives you all the features of the other HE-VA Front Presses along with the benefi t of this ring which ensures optimum consolidation while having a sharp rib to maximise clod crushing. The ring spacing is 125 mm with a scraper between each ring to give full width consolidation on light and heavy land alike but leave some loose friable tilth for the drill behind to work with. The rings can turn individually but are linked by a series of lugs that ensure they all drive together and continue to turn in wet and sticky conditions. The press comes in a standard form as the ‘V-Profi le Front Roller’ or in Shattapress form with a front Shattaboard to level, work down and consolidate in front of the V-Profi le rings. The Press is available in a rigid format with working widths of three or four metres or in hydraulic folding four, fi ve or six

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