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Emily Dis'Fib

The Dis 'Fib fits onto telescopic handlers and front loaders of tractors. It is specially designed for grass cut by forage wagon and for chopped grass maize silage.

Secufeed concept - The hydraulic door avoids any interference with external elements as it is completely integrated into the shape of bucket.

Emily Advantages

1. Patented agitating roller with opening door; its innovative design and conception optimize the complete discharge if the bucket and ensure a regular and fast feeding

2. Secufeed hydraulic door; comfort and maximal safety for the user

3. Versatility; Discharge long and chopped grass silage, maize silage, fodder beet.

4. Fast, efficient and quality

5. Suitable on front loader and telescopic handler

6. Perforated steel on the back for an optimal visibility

7. Removable stainless steel sheet (optional) Corrosion resistance.

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