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Emily Melodis

Emily Melodis for mixing and discharging.

The version of the Melodis mixer feeder bucket has been especially designed for mixing and feeding a Total Mixed Ration.

It can be equipped with a grab or a mobile rotor.

Right and left distribution s available.

The double driving of the spiral mixer permits a better strain repartition.

The mixer bucket also discharges silage. 

Fits onto machinery handlers. Available form 0.9m3 to 7.5 m3


Emily Advantages

  • Hardox structure for a strong and light bucket. Optimized volume.
  • Easy to handle and safe (excellent visibility from the cab).
  • Versatility, designed for dry food/ maize/chopped grass silage (maximum lenght 6cm)
  • Fast and percise mixing/feeding
  • No disintegration of the ration
  • Large opening door: important distribution flow
  • Fits onto machinery handlers

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