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Major 7.5 cu yd spreader

major side spreader The MAJOR 7.5 cubic yard capacity Muck-Out will handle both slurry and solid manure with a The main rotor runs on 2” bearings and is powered through a robust chain and sprocket drives set. All models are equipped with heat treated and case hardened flail chains which are anchored to the rotor. As standard a solid timber rail Depth Spreader chains provides protection from front end loading damage. The minimim HP requirement for the MAJOR Side Spreader is 50Hp.

TYRES Available 15x22.5, 16.5x22.5, 550/60x22.5, 21.3xR24

MODEL 750SP1 Capacity 1261 Gallons 5734 Litres Length (Hitch to tank end) 4.5m Width (Tyre dependant) 2.3m Height (Add tractor hitch) 2.25m Weight (Empty) 1655Kg Weight (Full) 4835K

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