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Major Alpine Tankers

ALPINE slurry tanker This new low centre of gravity tanker is designed to have less ground pressure than tandem axle tankers. This means minimal ground damage even in wet conditions. There are three sizes available: 2150, 2300 and 2670 Gallons. As with all MAJOR tankers, the inside is baffled to prevent wave motions and improve operator safety.

STANDARD FEATURES: • Low centre of gravity

• Industrial specification axle

• Hydraulic braking system.

• Vessel fully reinforced inside to compensate for wheel arches.

• Anti surge baffle

• Removable footing

• Primary and secondary traps to protect pump

• Rubber buffer suspension drawbar

• Swivel hitch and foldable PTO stand

• Full road lighting kit.

• Comprehensive 12 month warranty with full parts back-up service

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